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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Content revised  8/1/18

You may want to configure Error Detection to ignore known exceptions. For example, you may see a recurring exception thrown from a framework you are using. If the exception is well-known and insignificant, you might want to eliminate it from the error list.




What you need to know about each error

The first thing you need to know for each message is whether AppDynamics is detecting it as a thrown exception or a message written to a log file with severity ERROR. If it is an exception, the snapshot's Error Details tab should have a stack trace. If you only see the error message, it's a logger.

EXAMPLE | Logged error message:Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.25.21 PM.png

You can dispose of it by ignoring logged messages such as:File not found logged error message.png


Example | Ignoring Error Messages

This is the error message:
ItemPersistence : Critical transaction Error, rolling back changes. Order execution aborted.

Ignoring Error Example 1.png


Below is the configuration for ignoring the error message:

Configuration to ignore the error message.png


Example | Excluding Exceptions

The next two examples are thrown exceptions, both from the same place:

Response-xslFile :null; IsActivationCompleteSuccess:false; IsValidated :false; 
OrderType :QUERY; AccountNumber :null; CustomerQualification :null;
CapErrorCode :00602; capErrorType :1; CapErrorCategory :CDE; CapErrorDesc
:Account_Data_Discrepency; OperationMode :null; OperationStatus :null;
ActivationDate :null

SUBMIT_ACTIVATION_DETAILS : Transaction Id:xx-23341105-1 -
Controller:handleRequest() > An Exception is caught
Dependent object contains ... [details deleted] CarrierErrorCode
The exception message is
Controller:handleRequest(): Transaction failure response from

You can exclude these by specifying as the class and ignoring particular values of CarrierErrorCode (which are buried in the full message).


Is the exception nested?

If it is a true exception, please note whether it's nested inside another exception. You'll need to specify the exact sequence in the Error Detection config. It will look like this: : Controller:handleRequest(): Transaction failure response from Carrier.


Check the stack trace

Pay close attention to what is in the stack trace. For example, a stack trace similar to the following might show up in the Error Details section of a snapshot:
at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor1249.invoke(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
... <details deleted>

Caused by: com.comodo.epki.client.exceptions.ClientException :
com.comodo.epki.client.exceptions.ClientException: Not authorized agent

Don't create the exclusion on the "caused by" exception. Instead, use the first one in the stack trace. In the example above, you would set the Fully Qualified Class Names for Exceptions field as You would not put it on

The configuration for this example would like the screenshot below:  



Ignoring Exceptions Example

This is the exception:


No Such Element Exception.png

Below is the configuration to ignore the error message:

Configure an exception to ignore the error.png


Related Documentation

For more detailed information on error detection and specifically how to ignore exceptions and log messages, see: Ignore Exceptions and Log Messages as Error Indicators.


How we can ignore these Exception:





at abc...xyz1

AppDynamics Team

@Urvershi.Anand ,

Are the BTs being marked as error BT due to those exceptions which you mentioned? If so, could you provide the screen capture as shown above for the error snapshot along with what has been configured to ignore the exceptions.


We might need to perform more detailed analysis after reviewing the above requested information. At that point, would recommend filing a case/ticket.





Hi All,


I want to ignore the error below:

ORA-02291: integrity constraint (AO_EP.FK_PROFILE_CUSTOMER) violated - parent key not found
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(
For doing so, I've added the ignore messages as below:

Even doing so, those snapshots having such error are still tagged as "red".

Am I doing something wrong? Are those configuration changes supposed to take effect immediately or require some restart?




PS: I also tried to add "Ignored Exception" specifying the fully qualified exception as "java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException" and the message to ignore as  "Contains" "integrity constraint (AO_EP.FK_PROFILE_CUSTOMER)", also in such case the calls are still marked as red.

AppDynamics Team

Hi @Vincenzo.Barra 

Could you open the error snapshot, click on error details and take a screen capture and attach that there.





Hi @Ganesh.Magal,


it worked after we used the ignore exception and rather than putting the whole message only a portion of it such as "contains" "AO_EP.TCUSTOMER_SHARED_ID_TYPE_UNIQ"










How can i handle this, same pblm i have, not able to suppress, please advise 

AppDynamics Team

Santhosh - are you looking for ignoring errors or exceptions. What is the current ignore rule you have configured.

Could you open the error snapshot, click on error details and take a screen capture and attach that there. If more detailed analysis is needed, please file a support ticket with the above screen captures and current ignore configuration. Thank you

Ganesh, its thrown as exception and in Snap shot i see the following 



I am trying to use the exception, i tried w/ and W/o null



AppDynamics Team

Santosh - this will need more detailed analysis. Could you please file a support ticket with the below information:

  1. open the error snapshot, click on error details and take a screen capture and attach that there.
  2. The above configured ignore exception rule
  3. Agent debug logs for 3mins, collected from controller UI.


When you Ignore an exception would appdynamics stop capturing the transaction snapshot of the business transaction where this exception happens or the transaction snapshot would be taken but the exceptions wouldn't visible from the transaction snapshot? 

AppDynamics Team

The snapshot will be captured but it will not mark it as error snapshot.

When you configure an exception to be ignored, the agent detects the exception, increments the exception count, and displays the exception in Exceptions lists in the UI, but the business transaction in which the error is thrown is not considered an "error transaction" for monitoring purposes. The transaction snapshot would not show the exception in the Summary or Error Details section and the user experience for the transaction instance would be unaffected by the exception. 

More information (source)

How do I ignore an HTTP 400 error?



AppDynamics Team

HTTP errors can be ignored:

To exclude a return code add them to the error detection list by creating a custom error code range and then disabling that error code by clearing its Enabled checkbox. This in effect excludes the error code as an error indicator.

Source: Please check this link on how to ignore HTTP errors -

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Thanks much, @Ganesh.Magal@Hicaro.Pires Pereira — How did this work out for you?

New Poster

How do I ignore an Execption?


at com.tradevan.isp.system.domain.UserProfile.lambda$getCompany$1(
at java.util.Optional.orElseThrow(
at com.tradevan.isp.system.domain.UserProfile.getCompany(


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