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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

To make sure you have all of the information you need when troubleshooting Agent issues, we've indexed several articles below that will guide you through how to resolve common issues and answer frequently asked questions.


Table of Contents


Agents not reporting to the Controller

If your Agents aren’t reporting data to the Controller, we have multiple articles to help you resolve this issue for different types of Agents:


Difficulty installing, starting, or upgrading an Agent

Users who are installing a new Agent, upgrading an existing Agent or trying to resolve an Agent startup failure should follow the steps outlined in these resources:


Agent crashes and overhead, timeout issues, and errors

The resources below can help you troubleshoot issues pertaining to crashes and increased overhead, timeouts, and errors.


General functionality

If you have questions related to Agent functionality that don’t fall into the categories above, we may have addressed them in the resources below.  

  1. Troubleshooting Agent Issues - FAQs 
    Note: This article addresses several functionality-related questions, including export capabilities and assigning Agents to multiple applications
  2. How do I delete an abandoned Machine Agent?
  3. What is the best way to set up alerts for App Agent and Machine Agent status?
  4. Documentation: Troubleshooting Analytics Agents Issues 
    Note: In addition to touching upon installation issues, this document describes specific scenarios you may encounter with workarounds.


Last Updated: 3/28/19

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