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Troubleshooting Agent Issues - Installation and Start-up

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Installing a new Agent

How do I handle an initialization error 

I get the following error message when installing a Machine Agent. How should I proceed? 

Failed to find Premain-Class manifest attribute in /usr/share/appdynamics/machineagent.jar
Error occurred during initialization of VM


The error message shows that the Machine Agent jar was used as a Java Agent.

>java -javaagent:d:\AppDynamics\installs\3.5.6\MachineAgent\machineagent.jar -version
Failed to find Premain-Class manifest attribute in d:\AppDynamics\installs\3.5.6\MachineAgent\machineagent.jar
Error occurred during initialization of VM.  Agent library failed to init: instrument


  1. Verify the command being used to start the Machine Agent.
  2. Follow the documentation to Install the Machine Agent. 
  3. Open a separate command prompt and start the Machine Agent using  java -Dmetric.http.listener=true -jar machineagent.jar command.


Can I install the AppDynamics Database Agent without using the wizard?

Is there a way to install the AppDynamics database agent without the wizard, such as simply configuring the installation XML files? I want to monitor a client but I am having trouble when installing the agent. I cannot log in to the DB from outside the network and opening up the listener port on the DB for me right now is an issue. Is there a workaround?


You do not necessarily have to install the Database Agent on the database server. The Database Agent can reside on any server as long as that server can communicate to the database host. See Database Visibility System Requirements


I'm having trouble installing a PHP Agent. What steps should I take?

After PHP Agent installation there are a few cases when the Agent does not report to the Controller. Refer to the PHP Agent installation troubleshooting guide for the basic troubleshooting steps that verify the installation and place the Agent configuration files in the proper place. 


Is it possible to deploy an agent using Puppet?

Every deployment is different,  so this task doesn't lend itself to a single master Puppet script maintained by AppDynamics. However, this Agent deployment using Puppet sample can help you get started on your own Puppet module.



 What are the steps to upgrade a mobile agent?

 For iOS and Android, follow these steps:  Upgrade iOS SDK and Upgrade the Android Mobile Agent 


Where can I find information on how to upgrade an agent? 

 The following documentation links will walk you through the requirements and steps for upgrading an agent.



My Analytics Agent fails to start and throws the following error message. What steps should I take?

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: io.dropwizard.logging.LoggingFactory.bootstrap


This error message is normally caused by the presence of a duplicate jar file from a different version of the Analytic Agent. It can occur when the user unzips a new version of their file into the same directory where the older Machine Agent resides, creating a duplicate presence of the same jar files.


The solution is to first take a backup of the old agent, then delete or rename the Machine Agent, and then unzip the new .  


My Analytic Agent fails to start and shows the following error message in the logs. What do I do?

Analytics agent failed to connect to the controller registration endpoint.


This issue occurs when using a self-signed certificate for the Controller. The Analytics Agent uses a truststore for the JRE to validate the certificate of the connecting server. The truststore does not have self-signed certificates added to the store by default.


Import the client certificate to the JRE trust store, which is located in the Java directory used by the Analytics Agent by default. Example: JAVA_HOME/lib/security/cacerts  

More Troubleshooting Guides:


Published 2/26/2018

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What type of agent is required to install a java agent in Weblogic application server. 

Hello, Everyone:


In the past, you may have seen the term "Standalone Machine Agent", which we've recently discontinued in favor of simply "Machine Agent".  Just want to make sure you know they mean the same thing.


Claudia Landivar

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