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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

After PHP agent installation there are a few cases when the agent does not report to the Controller. The following article describes the basic troubleshooting steps to verify the installation and place the agent configuration files in proper place.


For additional help, see the documentation on how to Resolve PHP Agent Installation Issues or open a support ticket. 



By default, the PHP Agent installer looks for PHP-CLI and places the agent configuration file accordingly. If the environment where we need to install the agent has a different php.ini OR directory for module configuration files with respect to CLI/Apache/PHP-FPM installation, we have to place the agent configuration file in the relevant directory.


Verify where to place the agent configurations:


Install using CLI


1. Execute the php -i | grep -i agent command in the machine's terminal and verify that there are plenty of the config details. If there are none, it means the agent installation was not successful.


2. If there are many parameters in the above command's output, note the path for the appdynamics_agent.ini file and move to the next step. Sometimes the installer is not able to save the agent configurations in a file, it will output all of the configuration to the terminal directly which needs to be copied into the php.ini file.



If the PHP installation has an additional directory configured for module configuration files.


1. Execute the php -i | grep -i additional command in the terminal and verify the path.


2. Make a note of the directory, if it is a valid directory path. We have to place the agent configuration file in the directory for PHP runtime to include the agent configuration. 


Few installations have different directories for PHP-CLI/Apache/PHP-FPM so agent configuration file has to be copied into the relevant directory for our agent to be included in those environments.


3. If this command returns "None" or "not a valid directory path", the agent configurations have to be copied directly in the relevant php.ini file.


4. Restart Apache/PHP-FPM after placing the agent configuration path correctly, drive load on the application and verify in the Controller for agent reporting after some time.

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