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Machine Agent installation. ERROR StatusLogger No Log4j 2 configuration file found




I wonder if you can help.

I am installing a machine agent in Linux Server, but installation is not successful. I have the following error.

ERROR StatusLogger No Log4j 2 configuration file found. Using default configuration (logging only errors to the console), or user programmatically provided configurations. Set system property 'log4j2.debug' to show Log4j 2 internal initialization logging. See for instructions on how to configure Log4j 2.


Do you mind to provide some guidance to fix this?




AppDynamics Team

Hello Hugo,


Thanks for posting to the AppDynamics Community.


That error message is harmless and can be ignored. It simply states that no log4j 2 config can be found, which is expected because the Machine Agent is still using log4j 1.


What to look for is whether your log contains the message "Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully" and more importantly, whether you can see the agent in your Controller.


If you are not able to see the Machine Agent in the Controller, then there may be other errors in the log to look into, and the document below as well as the Knowledge Base article that it links to may provide additional troubleshooting help:


Best regards,



HI Jonathan


Hope you are ok

Thanks for replying, I appreciate it

I followed your recommendations and this is what is happening, I never get "Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully" message and it does not show up in the logs file neither, but I take a look Controller is agent is there, however I do not see any reported basic or advance data.

I turned off SElinux and Firewall for testing proposes but still the same thing.

Any other suggestion, it will be more than welcome.

Thank you.

Best Regard.


     Hugo Torres.