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Health Rule Schedule


Health Rule Schedule

How to setup Health Rule schedule for the below scenario. I need to avoid getting alerts between 8 AM to 2 PM.


Will the below schedule work?


Mon - 12 to 8 AM EST & 2 PM  to 11 PM EST



Start Time Cron Expression: 0 0 0,14 ? * 2

End Time Cron Expression:   0 0 8,23 ? * 2



Health Rule Schedule

Re: Health Rule Schedule

If you're just trying to supress an alert between 8am and 2 pm, then under "manage health rule schedules" when creating the health rule, you'll want a start time at 2pm and an end time at 8am. So it'll look something like this:


0 0 14 ? * MON-FRI

0 0 8 ? * MON-FRI


Re: Health Rule Schedule

Thanks Eric.


But we need to avoid alerts only on Monday 8 AM to 2 PM. Rest of the weekdays we need to be active on all time.


Re: Health Rule Schedule

Ahh ok, same logic, just instead of MON-FRI, you'll just have it kick off 2PM MON, and shut off at 8AM MON, so it'll run fine the other days. 

Here's some additional cron expression documentation which may help: