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App Agent status is not showing in the UI




We have installed Java app agent on two jvm under associated with one application. Initially we got the health of both the tiers and node perfect. But now one tier is not showing any data and flow map. App agent status is blank.Please refer to the screenshot attached. Can there any issue with the agent and how it can be fixed? Please suggest ?



Hi anshita.sandel,

Could of things to check:

- Is the same JVM up and running?

- I assume the jvm is configured/installed on a linux server, can you do a "ps -ef | grep <jvm_name>"

Once you see the jvm, can you confirm that you see the appdynamics arguments in the startup?

- You can also check the appdynamics agents log for that jvm to see what is going on

log file location: <agent_install_home>/ver****/logs/<jvm_name>

I have given ver**** above assuming that you are using the agent jar under ver*** folder




Hi Gurmit, 


Please find below the error message in the logs . We have associated machine agent to the nodes without specifying the unique host id , is this the issue. 


Error in controller in processing binary request BT Registration Data  - There is no component associated with node id:517882 and machine id:162486 o

From your screenshot, it does look like the machine agent node is associated to proper app agent node.

Is that all you see in the logs?

How about the jvm, is it running and do you see appd instrumented? (meaning all the arguments specified?)

Hi ,

We did not specify any unique host if parameter in the system properties as well as in machine agent and associated the agents in UI itself. I guess this is the issue. If JVM is restarted , will the app agent get unregister from machine agent or not ?

Hi anshita,


Please try by adding -Dappdynamics.agent.uniqueHostId to all jvm configs and also mention same unique host name name in machine agent config..


but i don't think, just because of this unique name java agent will stop reporting. 

1.have you tried by passing some load on these services

2.check for any other errors by changing log levl to debug mode in logging.xml file 


please share the log files after changing to DEBUG mode.