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Locating remote agent installation


Locating remote agent installation

I did some searching but did not find the answer...  How can you locate where a remote agent is installed?  As in on what server.  Have a DBAgent installed somewhere that is used to monotir a couple of MongoDB's.  Unfortunately whomever installed the agent set the Hostname to the same as the Agent name which are non-descript of where the agent is installed.

Locating remote agent installation

Re: Locating remote agent installation

One place to look would be the controller itself. AppD support agentless" database monitoring, which polls a database from a central location, allowing you to install databases as "collectors" using an authenticated account. I think by default it installs in a folder named /dbagent.


Another place to check is to click the cog wheel in the top right-hand corner of your Controller GUI, and then click on "Appdynamics Agents" > "Database Tab" and see what is listed under "hostname"


A third place is to click on the "Database" tab in the Controller GUI, then go to "configuration" > "Collectors" and then check "hostname" to see what the servername or IP is. Hope those help!


(You'll need the proper permissions to see the Appdynamics agents or database configuration screen)