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How to install Machine Agent properly?


How to install Machine Agent properly?

Hello, everyone.


I want to know how to create machine agent properly and how to manage it. I read materials about AppDynamics and still I am not sure that my way of machine agent setup is a right one. I joined to AppDynamics Community to find some specialists who have  a wish to teach new specialist in AppDynamics (not like tutorials). Like solution of real practical issues. Is it possible to do so?


Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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How to install Machine Agent properly?
AppDynamics Team

Re: How to install Machine Agent properly?



Go through below steps in sequence to get more details on how machine agent registration and association works:

1) How machine agent association works, in brief based on uniqueHostId (default or specifically passed)


2) Provide only host name in recent machine agent version if usins <sim-enabled> set to true (default setting) if using older machine agent version, sim setting does not exists, and if you want to associate to particular app server node, make sure default or value for -Dappdynamics.agent.uniqueHostId= arg value for both app server and machine agent node startup script is same

3) Starting machine agent is like any java process, 
shell> java -jar <MachineAgent_install_dir>/machineagent.jar


Hope that information helps. Refer doc which are more detailed

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