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Enterprise Console Silent Installation Error: This text field must not be left empty

I'm doing a silent upgrade on my Enterprise Console from 20.3 to 20.11.  Below is the command I am trying to get working.  It keeps failing about an empty text file, as shown below in red.


./ -q -varfile /opt/AppD/installer/.install4j/response.varfile
Unpacking JRE ...
Preparing JRE ...
Starting Installer ...
The installation directory has been set to /opt/AppD/installer.
Verifying if the libaio package is installed. /opt/AppD/installer/
Verifying if the libnuma package is installed. /opt/AppD/installer/
Verifying the libc version. /opt/AppD/installer/
Verifying if the zoneinfo directory exists. if not, check tzdata package
Verifying if the libncurses5 package is installed. /opt/AppD/installer/
Verifying if curl is installed. /opt/AppD/installer/
This text field must not be left empty.


Below is my response file:

cat /opt/AppD/installer/.install4j/response.varfile
# install4j response file for AppDynamics Enterprise Console 20.3.1-21882
serverHostName=<Hostname removed for this discussion>
platformAdmin.databaseRootPassword=<Password I removed for this discussion>
platformAdmin.adminPassword=<Password I removed for this discussion>



Any help?


Community Manager

Hi @Phillip.Montgomery,


Thanks for asking your question on the Community. I see you also created a support ticket on this topic. Can you please share the learnings and outcomes from the support ticket as a reply to this post. 


Knowledge sharing is what drives this community, thanks!



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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AppDynamics support did come back with a solution.  I missed the following line in the response file:


platformAdmin.databasePassword=<your password>


Once I added that with the correct password the upgrade worked without fail.