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How do I create health alert(s) about process state (running, or not) ?


We really love the AppD machine agent, which does a great job listing processes running on a virtual host.

How can we create health alerts that use the process running state?    We want to create an alert when a key process stops or goes down (unexpectedly). 


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Walter,
There are a number of metrics available for every process, and depending on how you've configured the "Monitoring Mode", you'll see more as you enable "KPI", "Advanced", or "Diagnostic" detail.
 If you enable "Advanced" via configuration or interactively via the UI, you will see the process "Count" metric collected.
e.g. Application Infrastructure Performance|Root|Individual Nodes|cvpcclab|Hardware Resources|Process|tomcat9|Count

Your Health Rule should trigger when Count < 1, and "Evaluate true on no data" if you want to be alerted when the agent stops reporting to the Controller for any reason.

You will specify a Custom Metric Path for the metric, e.g. Hardware Resources|Process|tomcat9|Count

Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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