End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Resolved! Browser RUM Beacon Failed

Hi All, I am trying to create a browser application in Browser RUM but everytime I receive a message stating, "The test page was not created in the expected time frame ". Please note that it is a saas controller and CDN, EUM Services are reachable fr...

Error While accessing EUM Dashboard

We have an On-premise controller configured to access EUM server on the cloud.  Following exception is thrown while the Bowser Application Dashboard is accessed Failed to connect to the AppDynamics Platform Events Service: Could not execute request t...


Resolved! Browser EUM installation

Dears,i have on-premies appdyanmics controller "with no access to the internet "and i want to configure it to monitor Browser EUM but i am very confused with steps that shall i apply, my Web applications is written in java and compiled using JSP what...

eum windows forms?

I have a Windows forms app that calls a WCF service for backend business transactions and database interactions.  The WCF service is instrumented by appdynamics easily enough.  My question is: since I have access to the code for the front end windows...