End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Reverse Proxy configuration for EUM

Dear All,   we have installed 4.3 controller, eventservice and EUM.   we have .net applications that are configured.   now we want to configure EUM for the .net application, we have finished the EUM component installtion (slipt host). now we want to ...

Resolved! Configuring CSP for EUM injection

Hello everyone. I have read this article but I have some concerns. Would appreciate any help!   For context, our current configuration is as follows: Browser Application (EUM) Configuration - Configure and download JavaScript Agent - AppDynamics host...

cheng_w by New Poster
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Angular 1.x events

Hi,   I can see that AngularJS specific events are captured and reported for ng-route and ui-route. Apart from this does AppDyanmics supports any other events/concepts Ex. ng-repeat etc.   If yes what are those events and where can I see this in AppD...

Linux monitoring Extension

Linux Monitoring extesnion installed on a linux machine , But there is no data i can see in AppDynamics Metric browser . Anyone tried it out  ??   "No Data to display" message in metric browser      Thanks 

passing event in the payload

hi, - I am using appdyanmics in my app for monitoring user activity.- but the problem is it doesnt show how much time user has clicked the button.- so using rxjs I have wrote a click event.- this click event shows the mouse event and how to pass this...