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Resolved! Browser EUM installation

Dears,i have on-premies appdyanmics controller "with no access to the internet "and i want to configure it to monitor Browser EUM but i am very confused with steps that shall i apply, my Web applications is written in java and compiled using JSP what...

eum windows forms?

I have a Windows forms app that calls a WCF service for backend business transactions and database interactions.  The WCF service is instrumented by appdynamics easily enough.  My question is: since I have access to the code for the front end windows...


I'm trying to register a breadcrumb so I can see something in the Monditor. I also wanted to record a screen shot.   So in the code, I have both:   But I don't see anything (screen shot & breadcrumbs) in the monitor:     Question: What am I missing...

fxlv by Wanderer
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Reports for EUM DATA

Hi, I have been trying to implement a simple report using one of my User Experience applications for the source data. I can go in and setup the report and tell it to use my EUM app and schedule it. But when I receive the email at the correct time, I ...


Scenario: iOS platform running Swift 3.1-written enterprise applications. I'm an AppDynamics™ neophyte.I can't find much detailed code information. Where can I get a list of the available APIs of their ADEUMInstrumentation.framework? Also, how does t...

fxlv by Wanderer
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Resolved! Alert configuration based on Volume

Hey, We are using AppD in premises with controller v4.2.0.2 And in our environment we get varying traffic and we want to set the alert based on the percentage of volume (calls per minute). As in if Error > 10% of calls per minute then send me the ale...