End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Angular 1.x events

Hi,   I can see that AngularJS specific events are captured and reported for ng-route and ui-route. Apart from this does AppDyanmics supports any other events/concepts Ex. ng-repeat etc.   If yes what are those events and where can I see this in AppD...

Linux monitoring Extension

Linux Monitoring extesnion installed on a linux machine , But there is no data i can see in AppDynamics Metric browser . Anyone tried it out  ??   "No Data to display" message in metric browser      Thanks 

passing event in the payload

hi, - I am using appdyanmics in my app for monitoring user activity.- but the problem is it doesnt show how much time user has clicked the button.- so using rxjs I have wrote a click event.- this click event shows the mouse event and how to pass this...