End User Monitoring (EUM)
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EUM can not start up

Dear all i have a problem in starting up EUM, for log detail please refer to the attachment and the log is :   java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to update Analytics events. Please see log for details of errors! | at com.appdynamics.eum.processor.EUM...

Resolved! EUM use of Medium SSL Ciphers

I need to disable 3DES ciphers on our EUM server.  This is not managed by the eum.properties file.  It looks like http is managed by jar files in  /opt/appdynamics/EUM/eum-processor/lib which I would not edit.  How can the SSL configuration of the ht...

Resolved! User Experience/Mobile Apps Rest API call

Hi guys,   I'm trying to find the documentation for User Experience & Mobile Apps REST calls API in AppDynamics documentation with no success. Could someone provide me an example of how REST calls look like for User Experience & Mobile Apps I'm inter...

Question regarding javascript agent

My organization is trying to implement javascript agent. i have two questions: 1. We have some applications that have apache as a reverse proxy. for those servers we are trying to use the mod_substitute module to auto inject the adrum.js. what is the...

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