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Reverse Proxy configuration for EUM


Reverse Proxy configuration for EUM

Dear All,


we have installed 4.3 controller, eventservice and EUM.


we have .net applications that are configured.


now we want to configure EUM for the .net application, we have finished the EUM component installtion (slipt host). now we want to to do the reverse proxy for EUM.


can anyone help me in this configuration?

Reverse Proxy configuration for EUM
AppDynamics Team

Re: Reverse Proxy configuration for EUM

Hello Mandar,


Reverse proxy set up you need to do with the help of your proxy team. From EUM configuration point of view you need to change the end point configurations accordingly. If you are using reverse proxy for all the communication going to EUM including internal communication like between controller and eum you will need to change those end points as well in the controller admin.jsp settings. 


Please refer the below document links. If you have any specific query related to configuration let me know.






Kind Regards,