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End User Monitoring (EUM)

How to send additional info on AJAX response?

New Member

How to send additional info on AJAX response?



I'm able to add custom data (.i to `username`) to AJAX request, but is it possible to add more info to the tracker, such as `number of records returned by the server`?



(window['adrum-config'] || (window['adrum-config'] = {
  'userEventInfo': {
    'Ajax': function (context) {
      return {
        userData: {
          'username': 'MY_USERNAME'

I tried creating it programmatically, but how do we add additional data to this?

var ajaxT = new;
// set url
ajaxT.url('your xhr Url');
// mark timings

Many thanks,



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How to send additional info on AJAX response?
AppDynamics Team

Re: How to send additional info on AJAX response?

Hi Ozay,


Are you trying to capture the Ajax response values as user data? If yes, Are those POST calls? Because if that is the case you can use the xhr object to configure the JavaScript Agent to capture POST parameters.

Once the required POST parameters are captured correctly, you can actually send them as custom data using the information in the below link:

Let me know in case your requirement differs. 




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