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i want a simple application in appdynamics saas console.




I want to see simple application in saas appdynamics console and also want to see Browser/Mobile real user monitoring metrics for that app. Can anybody help me on this.


Thanks in advance!!





hi, what do you mean by "a simple application"? You can create an application from the controller and then download the agent configurations that will allow your applications to report correctly into the controller.
kind regards

If I downloaded the App Agent to my local computer, will it communicate to the saas appdynamics controller.

You will have to associate that agent to some application in order to instrument the application.

As long as you have details about the SAAS controller and are able to connect to it from your local laptop, you should be able to connect agent to controller.

Hi Gurmitsa,


Can you please tell us how to add my local server application into saas appdynamics controller. 




Yes off course so long as the agent starts up with your app server running locally on your laptop.

Though you should use the non prod licenses from appdynamics for your dev enviroment which are usually provided at discounted rates, and you should configure non-prod agents to their own application so that you don't affect production statistics. You can download the fully configured agent from the agent download wizard in the controller.
kind regards



My Question is i want to add an server application to the saas appdynamics controller.


1) We have installed one monitoring tool in the windows server. The saas appdynamics controller console is accessible from this windows server.

2) We want to add this monitoring tool application in saas appdynamics controller.

3) Can you please provide us the steps how to add this application in saas appdynamics controller.






Hi All,


Can anybody please provide the inputs on this.




Hi Santosh,


Please follow the steps given in the below doc link and that should help you create an application from the controller and add your monitoring tool application in saas appdynamics controller:


If its an android mobile, you would be needed to instrument it using the directions given in the following doc link:


For IOS, use this:


Note: For each of the mobile type, Android or IOS there are again various ways to instrument your app, so you need to choose which method you want to use.


I hope this should provide you with the needed info and directions. However do let me know in case you need any further help .



Thank You,



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Hi Santosh. I think you're asking how to monitor the monitoring tool with appdynamics, is that right? For that you would need to contact the tech support of the monitoring tool to establish what type of application server (if any) they use. If it's a standalone exe, with no application server, it's unlikely to instrumentable.

Another aspect you may want to explore is whether appdynamics could do the monitoring function of the monitoring tool being used.
kind regards