End User Monitoring (EUM)
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EUM API Integration Schema

Hi   We want to consume EUM data through API and consume their Schema for security.   Kindly help me providing the schema of payload EUM data. As i understand its not generic, it would be great if you can share with me 2-3 example of schema specifyin...

is BRUM Secure to an application?

Hi    In BRUM, we are injecting a script in the application pages.   how can we be sure that it will not  have any security impact to my application? For Eg : If some look the page source and try to play with the injection code and send some insecure...

Date functions

Hello,   I want to use date functions in search in order to : - filter certain hours (for exemple between 12AM and 2 PM) - filter days of the week (for exemple monday) how can I extract part of timestamp to do this ? I can't use the Custom Time Range...

Transactions table not updating

About a week ago, my transactions table stopped updating. I checked that my Analytics agent is up and running, so that shouldn't be the issue. There is definitely load on the application as well, as I can see new transactions snapshots but that data ...