End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Header Cookies Manipulation

Hi,    We are using AppDynamics EUM in our project and recently did a sonar security scan and we got a critical flag in adrum.js (latest version) where cookies are manupilated directly without any check (eg '\r' or '\n') which could result in sercuri...

Resolved! EUM demo Silent Installer not working

HelloI' m trying to install a EUM server using silent installer and it shows me the message "This text field must not be left empty" but it does not specify which field. I got the response.varfile from the documentations and changed it accordingly.  ...

To Track particular Thread and Session

There is a load test in the test environment. During the test, I noticed certain business transactions took a lot of time. For ex: In a 1-hour load test, there will be nearly 15K transactions and 10 transactions took more time. I need to analyze the ...