End User Monitoring (EUM)
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License for on-prem installation

Hi, I wonder If I can deploy the appd on-prem(with no internet access) then how the license works?What keeps its uniqueness since potentially I can duplicate the VM with the installation?!

adi.raz by Wanderer
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How to implement a GeoServer in EUM ?

I need to deploy a GeoServer agent, in the appdynamics documentation they mention that I must download a .zip and unzip it in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps, but when starting the tomcat server the GeoServer does not work and neither does the GeoServer /geo/deb...

Resolved! Android Proguard Configuration

I get these warnings when I try to obfuscate the code using proguard   Warning: com.facebook.CustomTabActivity: can't find referenced field 'boolean appdynamicsGeneratedBuildId_**' in program class com.appdynamics.eumagent.runtime.BuildInfoWarning: c...

To fetch username from Real user monitoring

Hello,   is there any way or configurations to get the username for all the Real user  transactions. We can see the browser, location, IP address. But i want to get to know which user was doing the transaction. Can someone help.   Thanks.   Regards, ...

Rashmi.V by New Poster
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No region statistics in AppDynamics

Hello,   I am having problems, that region statistics not shown in AppDynamics web view console.   I did setup ADEumInstrumentation like this: ADEumInstrumentation.initWithKey("KEY", collectorUrl: "COLECTOR_URL")   How to setup ADEumInstrumentation, ...