End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Data Storage Timeframe

We are using AppDynamics javascript agent for End User Monitoring - I have to check timelimit for historical, if there is any time frames after data would be lost for the application.

License for on-prem installation

Hi, I wonder If I can deploy the appd on-prem(with no internet access) then how the license works?What keeps its uniqueness since potentially I can duplicate the VM with the installation?!

adi.raz by Wanderer
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How to implement a GeoServer in EUM ?

I need to deploy a GeoServer agent, in the appdynamics documentation they mention that I must download a .zip and unzip it in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps, but when starting the tomcat server the GeoServer does not work and neither does the GeoServer /geo/deb...

Resolved! Android Proguard Configuration

I get these warnings when I try to obfuscate the code using proguard   Warning: com.facebook.CustomTabActivity: can't find referenced field 'boolean appdynamicsGeneratedBuildId_**' in program class com.appdynamics.eumagent.runtime.BuildInfoWarning: c...