End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Resource Fetch Breakdown Ability

By defaule the resource fetch time appears as just one summed value for all image/css/js resources on the page, is there any way to break this down more?   I'm trying to determine what specific resource is taking up the bulk of that time.    

Resolved! Synthetic Private Agent and Linux

Hello, is it possible to install Synthetic Private Agent 4.4 and later on a Linux server? Doing so, is it possible to start the agent as a service, the way we do for example with Machine Agent(Server Visibility) or .Net Agent on Windows server?

EUM Database service went down

Hi All, We have stopped the EUM service in linux (bin/eum.sh stop) and then shutdown the EUM server machine & took the backup of data. And done the restart of the EUM server. When we tried to restart the EUM services by command: bin/eum.sh start. It ...

RUM for contact centre

Hi,   I am looking at monitoring the contact centre calls to citrix.   is this something that would be possible using RUM?   I want to be able to tell if a user has had issues with latency or not   Cheers,   Lawrence

eum and confluence and jira?

How do we check eum data for users of Atlassian Confluence and Jira?   The eum seems to talk about a could .js files.  It does not seem reasonable to expect us to modify 3rd party code though.  Any experiences with this type of monitoring, and how do...