End User Monitoring (EUM)
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EUM cant start

Our EUM Server cant start and some error messages in the eum-processor.log.   Error Starting EUM Processor Server | java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to update Analytics events. Please see log for details of errors! |  at com.appdynamics.eum.process...

Resolved! Synthetic Server installation account

Hi All,   I am starting an installation of a Synthetic Server ( on-prem ).  I already have a Controller, Event-Service and EUM installation. The Synthetic Server installation makes no mention of an installation account, that I can see. Do I need to i...

Eum Connectivity Issue

We have an appdynamics UAT deployment where EC,Controller,Es On the Same Server and EUM On the Different Server. All the systems are in a restricted enviornment. There is no internet connectivity in the servers. configuring the EUM application shows ...

Debugging ANR in Appdynamics

Hi Team   Currently we get details per activity of a user's session for a mobile RUM setup along with screenshots. Is it possible to get a fragment level detail for such sessions on appdynamics like in below screenshot (from Appsee analytics tool) ? ...

session playback feature.png