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How to implement a GeoServer in EUM ?


I need to deploy a GeoServer agent, in the appdynamics documentation they mention that I must download a .zip and unzip it in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps, but when starting the tomcat server the GeoServer does not work and neither does the GeoServer /geo/debug


Updated info:


1. Follow the instructions in the official Appdynamics document (, one of the steps is to unzip the agent in the "Tomcat_Home/webapps" folder, however, tomcat needs a .war to run the GeoServer application, the .war I mentioned does not exist in the agent folder.


2. The documentation I have reviewed is:


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@Fabian.Toapanta Its already a deployed folder so you just need to copy the geo folder after extraction to the webapps. If its still does not work for you you can check the catalina logs for any exception related to the geo module. Also one thing I want to point out is the usage of jdk. This may not work with a jdk version above 1.8 as our components are currently with java version 1.8. If you are using latest jdk version it will not work.

Dear, @Amit.Jha  the GeoServer folder was copied and restarted the tomcat application server, then an attempt was made to enter the GeoServer degub portal but it shows no signs of running.





In the Logs folder nothing can be found in relation to GeoServer



Thanks for your help.