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Geo Dashboard and Geographic location identification in EUM - FAQ

 1. What are the Geo Server and the Geo Dashboard?

AppDynamics hosts a Geo Server that resolves the user's geographic location based on the request's reported IP address.


See the following documentation for further information:


2. How does it work?

The custom Geo Server and EUM Server both resolve locations based on the following precedence, from highest to lowest:

Once the IP is resolved, it checks the IP's location by querying Geo IP database (Default: Maxmind) and reports back.


3. Why do I see "Unknown" for country and region?

An unknown location occurs when the Agent cannot determine the country from which the request originated. One of the most common reasons is that the remote address IP of the HTTP request (beacon) that the EUM server receives is a private IP. The location of the IP can't be resolved through public Geo databases like Maxmind or Neustar GeoIP database. In such cases, you will see the location reported as 'Unknown'.


If your users are internal users, and you want to map the internal IP's to geographic locations, you will have to add IP/IP ranges into the geo-ip-mappings.xml file (found in the EUM/eum-processor/bin or the GeoServer/geo directory).


You may also see metrics reported for a location named "Anonymous Proxy". The data for anonymous proxy represents the aggregated metrics from one or more private IP addresses that the Agent cannot identify.


4. Why do I see all requests resolving to the same Geo location when my users make requests from across the globe?

This mostly happens when you have an on-premise EUM fronted with a proxy server, but the proxy server does not forward end-users' IP addresses. Instead, it forwards its own IP along with the beacon request to the EUM server.


Similarly, sometimes you might also see a group of users from a network reported from one location with one IP. This happens when a firewall/proxy or any network device is not forwarding the IP address of the end-user while passing the beacon. To resolve this, configure the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header field on the network devices that are on the path to EUM server. 


5. What Geo IP database is used by the AppDynamics EUM/Geo Server? 

By default, in the EUM Server, the resolution of geographic regions based on the IP addresses of the requests is based on the Maxmind IP data file. Although this works well in many cases, in some situations the more highly granular database offered by Neustar is preferable. Please note that the Neustar database requires more memory.


To switch your geo-resolver from Maxmind to Neustar:

  1. From the AppDynamics download site, search for and download the Neustar data file (neustar.dat).
  2. Place neustar.dat in eum-processor/bin.
  3. Open eum.propertieswith a text editor and add the following properties:

  4. Increase the JVM max memory (-Xmx) for the Server by at least 800M.

  5. Restart the EUM Server.


6. How do I map internal IPs with location?

If your users are internal users and you want to map the internal IPs to geographic locations, add IP/IP ranges in geo-ip-mappings.xml file (found in the EUM/eum-processor/bin or in the GeoServer/geo directory), and reference the documentation listed in question 1.


7. Why do I need the Geo Server when EUM itself can handle Geo mapping through its internal geo-ip-mappings.xml file?

In terms of Geo Mapping functionality, there is not much of a difference between EUM and GeoServer.


Use GeoServer for the following reasons:

  • You have intranet applications where the public IP address does not provide meaningful location information, but the user's private IP does.
  • You have a hybrid application where some users access the application from a private location and some access it from a public one. If a user doesn't come from a specific private IP range mapped by the custom Geo Server, the system can be set to default to the public Geo Server.
  • You would like to separate the responsibility and resources for Geo mapping. 
  • And most importantly, your controller is on-premise and EUM is from Appdynamics Cloud,  so it is not possible to update the geo-ip-mappings.xml file.


8. Why don't I see some regions of the country?

There is a definite set of countries and regions that can be mapped to the Geo Dashboard in the Controller. List of Browser RUM Countries and Regions.


This list can also be used to map the IPs while customizing the geo-ip-mappings.xml file.


9. How can we increase the brightness of the circle or change the color in the Geo Dashboard?

The Geo dashboard interface has a map option which can be used to do some customization, including:

  • Adjusting the range of response time to pick colors accordingly.
  • Which metric to used for circles.
  • Setting size of the circle.
  • Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.55.20.png





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