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Resolved! How to make a Metric Browser / Server Visibility dashboard?

Hi All Im using F5 Monitoring Extension   My goal is to simply display a dashboard that shows which pool members are active and which are not However when I create a new dashboard in Dashboards & reports tab, I cant see any option or widget to add Me...

Represent Application Availability in time?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone actually found a way to represent the Availability of an application in time (or downtime) as a metric counter.  As in like a total time of application not performing without any problem in a given timeframe.

Health Rule for MQ

Hi Team, We got a requirement to create health-rule if the channel is in RETRYING mode need to get alert ,which means value of retrying mode is 2 . so have tried to configure heath-rule but equalto option is not available , so I have created two cond...

Alert Dashboard for all applications

I am looking for a single pane or Dashboard to show all the alerts from all the application we are monitoring. Please help with the steps of configuring such Dashboards.  1. AppD version - 4.5.182. Single Tenant Env

Error aggregate report

I was wondering if there was a report that could be run that would aggregate errors. Basically I can see a list of errors but I'd like to prioritize the errors that happen the most frequently. We used to have something like this in NewRelic, and I've...