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Resolved! Creating Dashboard

Do we need to create dashboard and not provided with Default dashboard? Will you provide some training or overview on this.

Resolved! How can I add servers to a single dashboard?

Hi,   How to add test and production servers to a single dashboard in AppDynamics?   ^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez to improve the title. Please be sure to do your best to write out a clear and concise title when creating your discussion posts.

Adding Search box in widget

Hi, I have a widget created which lists hundreds of rows from an analytics search query I created. Is there a possibility to add a search box to quickly filter any information from these list of rows ? RegardsRohit

Health rule not triggering

Hello In order to create a F5 availability dashboard I installed the F5 extension which is working fine and shows data as expected.I created a custom health rule for F5 extension. the extension works fine and I can see the data successfully in the "m...

Appdynamics HealthRule.PNG Appdynamics3011-5_LI1.jpg Appdynamics3011-4_LI1.jpg Appdynamics3011-6_LI1.jpg

Resolved! How to make a Metric Browser / Server Visibility dashboard?

Hi All Im using F5 Monitoring Extension   My goal is to simply display a dashboard that shows which pool members are active and which are not However when I create a new dashboard in Dashboards & reports tab, I cant see any option or widget to add Me...