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Health Rule for MQ

Hi Team, We got a requirement to create health-rule if the channel is in RETRYING mode need to get alert ,which means value of retrying mode is 2 . so have tried to configure heath-rule but equalto option is not available , so I have created two cond...

Alert Dashboard for all applications

I am looking for a single pane or Dashboard to show all the alerts from all the application we are monitoring. Please help with the steps of configuring such Dashboards.  1. AppD version - 4.5.182. Single Tenant Env

Error aggregate report

I was wondering if there was a report that could be run that would aggregate errors. Basically I can see a list of errors but I'd like to prioritize the errors that happen the most frequently. We used to have something like this in NewRelic, and I've...

Analytics, ADQL and a join

Is it possible to use a join as part of the SQL to pull back some info collect by AppD?  The problem is I have 3 parameters in AppD, username, connection-status and eventtime. Each user could be in a state of ‘connected’ or ‘disconnected’ so I want t...

Long custom metrics name on widget graph

Hello,   I am building custom dashboards with metrics from the F5 extension and wildcards. In the graphics, the name of the variable $ {n} or the automatic name is very long and because you have wildcards you cannot set it fixed. Is there a way to ta...

AppDynamics and Error Budget in Site Reliability

Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Why use Error Budget Developers want to push features as quickly as possible to production. SREs and the Ops engineers want to make sure the availability SLOs are always compliant and production is always stable. As a s...

Is there a way to add page breaks in reports?

Hi,   I am trying to export the custom report in PDF. It always puts all the widgets on a single page.  Tried with Grid layout as well as Absolute layout. But still, it shows all the data on a single page.   Is there a way to add page breaks in repor...