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How to see Flow map between node and database?

Hello,I used in my dashbord (hide in the flow map) or place of edit and I hid the link between the node and the database.How to get this link or how to activate it to see in the flow map the link between the node and the database.Thank you   ^ Post e...

Plot Date Points on Dashboard Every 30 Seconds

We're using AppDynamics dashboard to view several custom metrics that are published from our Java based apps every 30 seconds but when seen on AppDynamics, it aggregates all the metrics (published within a minute) and shows the sum as 1 single data p...

Resolved! How do I edit the dashboards from dash studio?

Hi!    I am trying to explore Dash Studio. I was able to click on the Add button to get a new default dashboard entry created. However, I am not able to make any changes to it as there is no edit button/properties there. Am I missing something?    ^ ...

Resolved! Public (Customer) Facing Status Pages

Has anyone connected AppDynamics to external status page applications? We track SLA metrics and would be interesting in reporting a simple green/yellow/red to a public page as we would not want to extend AppD externally but rather programmatically pu...

Dashboard reports don't hit my inbox

Hello!   The health reports do not reach me in my email but notifications and alerts do. Am I missing something to configure?It is a Saas implementation.   Thanks for your help!      

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