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Hiding the app key

Hi, I just have a quick question. Should I somehow hide the app key when I'm configuring javascript agent? (javascript injection into html) so it won't get stolen or used to send fake data? Cheers,Jacek

Move multiple widgets in custom dashboard

Does anyone know how to move multiple widgets together in a Grid Layout of a custom dashboard ? I was able to select them using Shift / Ctrl, but not able to move them.  Controller Version - AppDynamics Controller build 21.4.1-1259 

SRE Dashboard

Does anyone have this dashboard created that they could export for me?https://www.appdynamics.com/blog/product/software-reliability-metrics/ I'm trying to build Error Budget dashboards and am struggling. Thanks.

Transaction with highest SQL queries

Hi,New to AppDynamics  I was curious if it was possible to create a dashboard or query to identify which endpoints were performing the most number of SQL queries. Thanks Wayne

active users by region query

hello ,  I want to get active users count per region for my mobile application , I used the following query :  select georegion,distinctcount(cguid) from mobile_snapshotswhere (geocountry='xxx' and mobileappversion='xxxx' and appkey='xxxxx') but it r...

Percentage of Server availability on a dashboard

I'm working on an executive dashboard for my applications in AppDynamics Pro. I have everything on the dashboard except for a percentage of server HardwareResource/Machine/Availability. I see the type of chart and value I want to include is you go to...

log monitor extension

I am using Trial version of Appdynamics.  I have installed machine agent and .net app agent. I am using log monitor extension . In custom metric, it is not showing any error from logs. Please find below machine-agents logs. Custom dasboard is also no...

How to group similar referrers together?

Hello,    In my EUM Dashboard, I want to add a pie chart of referrers so it appears as in the attached image  for example, there is more than one value of google referrers.   I want to group referrers so that all referrers that contains google.com ar...

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