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Dashboard Timerange

Hi everyone, I want to compare some analytics data before and after 10/25(new function had been realeased). I create two widgets, one to show data before 10/25 and other one is after 10/25. I want to use dashboard timerange like this :      - If i ch...


Resolved! Finding the total number of alert occurrences

Is there a way to create a widget that returns simply the number of times a specific event has occured?  I can create an event list widget showing how many times a specific health rule has violated that effectively gives me that count at the bottom o...

Application Flow Map Rest api

Is there any Rest api provided by Appdynamics which can give application flow like we have for metrics.We have api for getting Tiers, nodes and backends, but how can we track the flow between them.

Business Transaction threshold

Is there any way through which we can export and import business transaction threshold information from one application in Appdynamics to another application in Appdynamics?

Aggregating DB calls per second across databases

Is there a way to aggregate calls per second from multiple databases? I am able to graph each database's calls per second but I want to get a sense for a db server what is the total calls per second given a time period. As an alternative can I get a ...

Posting messages or announcements on other dashboards

Situation: I plan on deploying updated code My code will affect my backend or client services or applications Those affected are cross-domain   Desire: Post an announcement or message on the affected backend's and client's dashboards warning of upcom...

Search Bar Unavailable

Hi All, I am unable to use global search tab in the AppDynamics console. It is stating " the search service is currently unavailable". Can someone help me to resolve this please?