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Resolved! When is AppDynamics Dumping Flash for HTML5?

Adobe has announced the end of Flash, yet AppDynamics is still requiring it. Why? Flash has a number of limitations including simple things like not copying text. Then there's the obvious problems with Flash security (Steve Jobs wrote about poor Flas...

Resolved! Integrating Appdynamics with Azure monitor

Hi Team, I have a ready graph in Azure monitor, I want that graph to integrate with the Appdynamics, for monitoring with the already existing graphs on appdynamics.   I tried getting free subscriptions for appdynamics and was looking to configure the...

Resolved! User is requesting monthly report for multiple dashboards

Hi, I noticed the report has an option for one dashboard.  I wonder do you have a way to include multiple Dashboards into one report? It appears I will have to create several reports for each dashboard they want which is fine but just wondered. thank...

Sharing the timestamp to drilldown link

Hello all: I am just setting up a dashboard in AppD with so many labels having drilldown links to other dashboards. I did not specify any timeRange value in the drilldown link. When I selected some time range in the dashboard and clicked on the label...

Resolved! Set up multiple types of health rules

Can I create a health rule where I can have a combination of both "Business Transaction performance" and "Database & Remote Services" under Overview ==> Type?  (It is allowing me to select only one option under Type)   Thanks.  

dashboard for events

Hi,   I am trying to create a dashboard for events in which I would be able to plot a trend of selected events. I don't see many options available when I tried to use I can select " Health rules and events", under it I can see only 2 options " Health...