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Has anyone created a dashboard using rest api; same for Business transaction?


There is a lot of manual effort involved if we create dashboards manually; the same is true for business transactions.


Since we configure the same application across multiple environments this creates a lot of redundant manual work.


Is there any option to automate it?

Has anyone tried using the REST API?

Are there any other options involved?

Has anyone created a dashboard using rest api; same for Business transaction?
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Subhra.Pan


Thank you for posting your query on the AppDynamics Community.


To create Dashboards using REST API, we have developed a tool and is available on Github.


If you are unable to self-service, we recommend contacting your AppDynamics representatives. They can put you in touch with the Professional Service for further assistance.



Let us know how it goes. 



Radhika P

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AppDynamics Team

Hi Subhra.Pan,


I'm part of AppD Professional Services, and the author of the AppDash tool that Jeanie linked to.


AppDash doesn't yet support adding in your own dashboard and then replicating it to multiple applications. It's actually something that I'm working on adding to it, but not quite finished.


However, here is the REST API you can use to do it yourself. It's the same API I use in AppDash.



At a high level, you could export the dashboard JSON, replace wherever it says your application name with a template string, create a json for each application filling in the template string, then calling the REST API to upload it.






Appdynamics Team,


Is there a way to replicate the Business Transaction grouping and application instrumentation across all our application monitoring.


We do not want to replicate the work on all applications as extensive effort is done on a specific customer application monitored for strategic reasons.