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Extract value from SOAP Request for Naming client that invokes a Business Transaction (using XPATH)

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Have a requirement to extract an application id (Client id) that is provided as part of the SOAP Request header (in the username credentials). Looks like i may be able to use


In the XPATH that I will be creating, I will have to tokenize the result of the XPATH to retrieve the client id. XPATH 2.0 has a tokenize() that can be used in conjuntion with an XPATH. Does App D support XPATH 2.0 and tokenize(). Also are there samples for using tokenize with XPATH in App D


appreciate your help




AppDynamics Team

Hi Suraj,


The basis for splitting the transaction here is a DOM parser parsing an XML payload as part of the servlet request. You can use an XPath expression to generate your transaction name here. Whatever the XPath evaluates to will be appended to the name in the transaction rule. 

You may use one or more XPath expressions to chain the name generated for your transaction. If an expression does not evaluate to a value, the transaction will not be identified unless you choose to ignore the evaluation.

The following XML parsing frameworks are currently supported
1) JDK DOM parser 2)DOM4J 3)Xerces.




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