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Setting up a Health rule to alert when Calls per min drop below 50%



I am trying to set up a health rule which can trigger an alert when the calls per min for a given Business Transaction drops below a certain percentile (in my care I am thinking 50% or maybe 25%).


I added a screenshot from an issue that triggered a few days back. I have an alert already set up if it drops below a specific value of 10, but in this case it went from about 415 calls/min to below 200 calls/min.


Calls per min drop.PNG


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Muhammad.Chaudhry 


Thank you for posting a question to the community!


As for health rules, baselines work for you well.

AppDynamics offers 4 type of baselines by default and you can also configure your own baseline.

In your case, ‘All data’ might be suitable because its trend is “none”. Other trends depend on daily hours therefore not good for you this time. 

When configuring health rules, you need to select a baseline and a ‘baseline percentage’ should be selected in units for you request. Other conditions are up to you.


This documents also support you.


Best regards,