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Installed 4.4 platform - But it did not upgrade


Hi -


We had an install of the 4.3 controller. we installed it to /opt/appdynamics/controller

When we ran the command line update of 4.4 platform, it installed a new mysql DB and did not replace files in /opt/appdynamics/controller/bin


So our startup is still starting 4.3.


This install rutine seemed a lot different than the controller install for 4.3.


What are we missing ? Why did this not upgrade the 4.3 package, why did it install a new mysql.


What is the standard method for upgrades ?  the 4.3 package we used was

the 4.4 package was,


Are we using the correct bins ?

Is this a matter of pointing the install to the correct location ? 



New Member

I'm facing the same installation issue is there any one who can give us a solution? 

I don't know why I am still facing the same issue on my mobille and in installation too. What's the best way to solve this problem? Waiting for a Website response.



As per the binaries, we understand that you have installed a 4.4 Enterprise console only and did not upgrade the controller. The new mysql you are seeing is the db of the EC which is introduced in 4.4.

To install the controller of 4.4 version, you will need EC console. Please go through the below documents and try to install the controller.


Hope it helps.




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