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Tiers-Nodes show green health with no agent(s) deployed


I have an application platform deployed to AWS, that has four seperate AMI's. This platform was torn down and rebuilt yesterday, but the AppD agents were not reinstalled on the AMI's as I do not have them included in the Cloud Formation templates.

 My expectation is that my Application and its tiers and nodes would be showing no status or actually a health violation since the .NET agent, Machine agent, and Extension Agent would no longer be reporting. However the Nodes in each tier show a green check for health and an agent up time of 0%, and the Node names appear to be some arbitrary WIN-XXXXXX value.


 Is this expected behavior?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)


Yes this is expected behaviour unless any health rule violation is going on in selected time range.To get the health of app agent we can configure a healt rule on agent avaliablity metric. Under metric browser navigate to Application Infrastructure Performance > Tier Name > Agent > App > Availability metric, for machine agent it will be under machine> Availability.


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That's the root of my question. If we can set an availablity metric on a node shouldn't that node actually have an agent installed? The Nodes showing in my applications tier are not the correct host name, and i haven't installed any agents on any nodes or configured them to report to the Sass controller.


 So how/why does the controller even show a node let alone that it is healthy with with a status of 0% up time over the last 7 days (length of time the platform has had no agents deployed).


 If my application has elastic scaling enabled and it is tearing down and spinning up new AMI instances how am I ever going to be certain of the health metrics no matter what I set them for if the node in the tiers always show green even with no agents actually installed on those nodes?