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Escaping control codes in HTTP Request Templates

Escaping control codes in HTTP Request Templates


I'm trying to pass Appdynamics error data to Opsgenie using the HTTP Request Templates to format it in JSON.

My simplest template is :

"event_name": "${latestEvent.displayName}",


But this is erroring at Opsgenie because there's a Line Feed in the event message :

The content is not a valid json. Reason: Illegal unquoted character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 10)): has to be escaped using backslash to be included in string value at [Source: (String)"{ "event_name": "Business Transaction Error", "event_Message":"

Is there an easy way to escape/replace this in the template?



Doug McGibbon

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Escaping control codes in HTTP Request Templates
Community Manager

Hi @Douglas.McGibbon,


An existing Community post, Escaped double quotes in HTTP template links to this reference guide:


Please do let me know if you find the post or the reference guide helpful. Since this is a peer-to-peer community, if you happen to find a solution, please come back and share it as a reply to your post. This helps keep the knowledge sharing going forward.

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Yes, I found that post and the guide, but it's not at all clear. And replacing one character with another is much easier than trying to get rid of a control character.  I've already spent several hours trying to do this in various ways, to no avail.


Hi There


We have done the following in one of our templates, to ensure that the Quotes and line breaks etc. are replaced by other characters. We used *. You can modify and replace it with whatever you require.


You can then add as many processing steps as needed at the start of the template, and then use the final processed message that is left over into your template.



#set ($em = ${latestEvent.eventMessage.replace('"','*')})
#set ( $em = $em.replace('<b>', '*') )
#set ( $em = $em.replace('</b>', '*') )
#set ( $em = $em.replace('<br>', ' ') )

"event_name": "${latestEvent.displayName}",


Otherwise you can remove the values completed as below


#set ($em = ${latestEvent.eventMessage.replace('"','')})
#set ( $em = $em.replace('<b>', '') )
#set ( $em = $em.replace('</b>', '') )
#set ( $em = $em.replace('<br>', '') )

"event_name": "${latestEvent.displayName}",


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