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Are there user management logs I can use to determine duplicated users, sign-up process status, last login-in date and activity?


Hi team, I'm using a SAAS controller.

I have so many duplicates users on my account management module, And I would find a way to detect the last status of them and to detect their activity logs.

I want to delete the duplicate users from my account management module.

Is there any solutions for this I need this ASAP.

Thanks you in advance and I am very grateful for your help.

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Claudia Landivar, Community Manager


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello, @Harish.Patel 

I wonder if this new enhancement, just released end of August, might offer some initial help?

Claudia Landivar
Community Manager & Editor 

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Hi @Harish.Patel , I'd like to help.  There should never be duplicate users in the Account Management Portal user management view.  At least not when those users are identified by email address.  So a couple of questions: Have you setup SAML on the Account Management portal for your users?  Are you identifying your users by email?  

It would be helpful to file a support ticket with the details.  If you are a company admin, you should be able to file a support ticket at  Once that has been filed with the details, we will take a look and help resolve this.

Bill Howard
Principal Product Manager, Identity and Access Management

Hi @Bill.Howard , Thank you for your reply.

Yes we done SAML setup on the Account Management portal for your users. but we have two users with same name. so we need to find out the duplicate one and delete that.

And I'm a company admin as you said I will raise a support ticket with the details. Kindly look into that ticket and help me out from this.


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