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Trouble registering .NET method as business transaction


I have been having trouble registering a particular method as a business transaction.


I have actually been able to log this method with NewRelic in the past, and AppDynamics has successfully instrumented another method from the same class, so I'm a bit confused as to why I am not able to record this method.


What are some steps I can take to troubleshoot the issue?



For some additional information, I've actually went into Live Preview and discovered the methods I wish to add. I deleted the original POCO rules I created and replaced them with the automatic POCO rule from Live Preview, and then restarted my server. However, they still continue to appear in Live Preview under 'Uninstrumented Code Stack Trace.'


This is looking in the Live Preview of an otherwise automatically configured IIS service.

Hi kyzhou,


To understand and troubleshoot this issue further, could please provide us latest zip of complete DotNetAgent folder location at %ProgramData%\AppDynamics for our review.

Also, kindly update us the POCO entry point configuration ( Class/method ), which you have configured and it is not identifying as a custom BT.


I have shared the SFTP details with you to upload the requested details in a private message. kindly upload the requested details and confirm us.


We will review the details and update you here in this thread.




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Hi Ashish,


I sent this in a reply to the private message as well, but I am not able to connect to the SFTP location through WinSCP using the credentials you provided. I get a message that the server rejected SFTP connections. I am told that it listens for FTP connections, but cannot connect by switching to FTP either.