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Resolved! IIS Nodes and BTs Not Registered

Hi,   I have installed and configured .NET agent v4.4.1, at first the installation fails because there are need for Universal C Runtime (

Byte Code Injection

Could you, plz, explain to me, the byte code injection in the CLR,  is the .net agent modify the classes? is there  any impcate on customer data security?   Thanks, Hicham

Resolved! Service Fabric Project

Hi,   I was waiting for a long time for version 4.4 since we use a .Net Core Service Fabric application in Azure with a bunch of Stateless and Stateful Services running across multiple nodes.Now I have followed this documentation https://docs.appdyna...

Windows file monitoring extension

Looking to use a script file to retrieve file size, and creation date (or Last modified)   Client has a requirement whereby a batch file is received that is sometimes empty, we need to check when file was received and baseline the file sizes.   Batch...

Resolved! Standalone Application Criteria

I am trying to experiment with setting up AppDynamics with a standalone application.   Can technically any .exe application be recorded by the Agent? I have a test C# program that simply prints out Hello World a thousand times with a small sleep in t...

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Resolved! AppDynamics not detecting standalone windows service

I am trying to register a standalone windows service as a separate tier / node to AppDynamics. So far in my dashboard it appears that the IIS services were detected, but the standalone has not.   I have confirmed that the standalone displays when run...

kyzhou by Builder
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