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.Net Core Application isn't being monitored

Hello,   I have multiple services that were written with .Net Core, and they don't seem to be picked up in AppDynamics. Other applications on the server do get picked up, however they are 4.5. Is this a known issue? If not, what information should I ...

Failed to add web app to AppDynamics

Hello, I can't add webb app to AppD   I found the next error in the AgentLog.txt: 2017-03-02 12:01:08.4232 5860 w3wp 2 332 Info ConfigurationChannel Sending Registration request with: Application Name [Production], Tier Name [MobileLending], Node Nam...

Transaction Discovery crashes

I've just installed the AppDynamics agent to monitor Octopus Deploy (, a .net app that runs as a service.   I configured it to watch the appropriate exe, but it appears I need to run the Transaction Discovery tool. When I do, i get the fo...