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How to backout or turn off ?

I have installed the .NET agent  (MSI file) on a Windows machine. There are processes / services running  and our apps in .NET got reflected in the controller side.   In Java world where I can remove the startup parameters and control the instrumenta...

Resolved! Azure Cloud Service Web Role not Reporting

I have installed appdynamics nuget packet in my Visual studio 2012 solution ( Azure Could Services  - Web Role).    The required Appdynamics folder is created in my solution, now when browsing the application it seems not be reporting to the controll...

Rahul.r by Maker
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.Net Core Application isn't being monitored

Hello,   I have multiple services that were written with .Net Core, and they don't seem to be picked up in AppDynamics. Other applications on the server do get picked up, however they are 4.5. Is this a known issue? If not, what information should I ...