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How to Manage Call Graphs

How to Manage Call Graphs


We're facing issue with Transaction response time in call graph .

We're facing Partial call graphs in more numbers in the list compare to full graph details. So whenever APP team reports slowness issue , we're unable to get the execution time of a BT call in full range from end to end.


Partial graphs show some exec time in view list and show diff execution time while i drill down.

For Ex in list view it shows me 19,282ms, When i drill down it shows only 435ms.


Could some one please help how can i effectively manage call graphs, as i'm facing issue due to this.

Because APP team raising concern reg this and we need to get FULL call graphs for this particular application for troubleshooting reasons.



How to Manage Call Graphs

Re: How to Manage Call Graphs

The example that you provided is of a transaction snapshot for a slow transaction in which AppD was not intially collecting a snapshot but then detected the transaction as slow and hence collected the snapshot for the remaining flow.


You can configure the transaction snapshot settings as well, details on the links below:


For call graph settings, refer to: