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Can we somehow monitor appdynamics agent resource consumption?



i am looking for some option where we can monitor the appdynamics agent resource consumption. I tried below but no luck.

I checked & confirmed tasklist /m "mscor*"and then applied the below configuration

<standalone applications>
<standalone-application executable="C:\Program Files\AppDynamics\AppDynamics .NET Agent\AppDynamics.Coordinator.exe">
<tier name="AppDynamics Agent Coordinator"/>
<node name="mymachine"/>
</standalone applications> 





AppDynamics Team (Retired)



  Any reason you want to instrument Agent Coordinator service ? The reason I ask is .net Agent has two parts to it. First is the Agent Coordinator Service which runs as a Windows Service and second is actuall agent which gets loaded with instrumented application's memory space.


You wont be able to monitor the actial Agent's resource consumption via configurations because its part of instrumented application. But if you belive agent is causing signifact overhead you should run your load/performance tests with and with out agent to find out how much overhead ( CPU/Memory/ART/Throuput etc) is added


For Agent Coordinator Service you can but you do not need to instrument the Cordinator service. If all you care is about Memory,CPU etc metrics then you can just import relevant performance counter for Agent Coordinator service




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Thanks for reply Raunak,


1. Why I want to monitor?

A. Requirement is to prove that appdyn agent is will not consume much resources (apart from what is said in docs)


2. I try to do it form configuration and as you said, I am unable to monitor it.

3. I want to monitor the actual agent which gets loaded with instrumented application's memory space (thanks for educating me on this point)

4. I want to monitor how much this agent is consuming cpu/memory at all the time.

5. I tried using perf monitor, but I dont see the actual agent process running anywhere (checked everything, agent is up and is functioning)




Hi Raunak,


I did this below and now I am able to see metrics in custom metrics under .net machine agent.


<perf-counter cat="Process" name="Working Set - Private" instance="AppDynamics.Coordinator"/>


Thanks for all the help