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NET (Agent, Installation)

Query on flowmap Metrics


Query on flowmap Metrics

Hi Team,


Could someone pls help to understand the metrics on Flowmap.

I've attached a doc with snapshot for reference.



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Query on flowmap Metrics
Venu Babu.Thangallapelli
AppDynamics Team

Hi Soundarajan,


Please see my inline comments to your quries.


  1. In above snapshot (mark 1), 12.8 S (1 call) is this time taken by that node RMGPortal to make any outgoing call or it’s a call to that node itself?
    • Ans --> Yes, the 12.8 sec is the avg. response time taken for that 1 call which executed at the RMGPortal tier.
  2. (Mark 2) 20.3 Seconds I believe that’s time took for a call from node RMG Portal to Authorisation web service. Pls correct me if I’m wrong.
    • Ans --> Yes, the 20.3 sec is the avg. response time taken for the Web Service exit call from the RMGPortal tier.
  3. Same like in (mark 3) it shows 200 MS & 8 Calls , could someone tell what’s that denotes .?
    • Ans --> Here, the 200 ms is the avg. response time for the 8 calls executed at the AuthorizationWebService tier.