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Feature Enhancements

Resolved Issues

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Below are key product enhancements, recent agent updates, and resolved issues in the month of June. We did not have a Controller and Enterprise Console release, v4.5.10 was skipped.  


Please note: customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation



What are the highlights I should know about?

These release highlights are the newest features and capabilities at-a-glance this month. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who may be most interested or impacted in your organization by feature enhancement.


User and Performance Analyst
Admin and Implementer

Executor Mode Thread Tracing


Disable Agent API flag



Node.js Proxyless Support



Synthetics Private Agent On-Premises Enhancements




Simplify Network Agent Configuration on Multi-Tenant Hosts

Monitor Java Application running on Windows




Capture More Information on Asynchronous Calls with Executor Mode Thread Tracing

When the agent is in executor mode, transaction activity is tracked from thread to thread.  Benefits include:

  • Reduces the agent's resource consumption for most use-cases
  • Enables tracking thread hand-offs using the new agent API
  • Improves reliability of last thread on tier asynchronous transaction demarcation
  • Allows Service Endpoints to measure the response time of services implemented using asynchronous frameworks


For more information, see Threading and the Java Agent in 4.5.x Documentation


Disable All Calls to the agent-API Library with disable-agent-API Node Property

This new kill-switch flag allows you to disable all calls to the agent-api library, The calls function as no-ops when disabled. See App Agent Node Properties for more information.


Node.js Agent Support for Libagent

AppD has integrated libagent to Node.js agent, allowing it to support both proxy and libagent.


Synthetics Private Agent On-Premise Enhancements

Now you can install the Synthetic Private Agent in any directory and test applications behind your firewall (previously available on SaaS only).  Other enhancements include:

  • Firefox was upgraded from version 61 to version 66
  • ChromeDriver was upgraded from version 2.35 to version 2.37


Simplify Network Agent Configuration on Multi-Tenant Hosts

Network Agent version 4.5.7 and Java Agent version 4.5.11 eliminate the need to separately configure the Network Agent in a multi-tenant setup when running multiple nodes on the same machine.


Monitor Java Applications Running on Windows

You can now set up Network Visibility features to monitor Java applications running on Windows operating systems. You need a Network Visibility license to enable and use Network Visibility features. Refer to Windows System Requirements for more information.


For more information, see the Network Agent Release Notes.


Resolved Issues

Here is a list of key issues that were resolved this month:


  • Metrics on Analytics events stopped populating (ANALYTICS-11210)
  • Metrics on custom events stopped populating (ANALYTICS-11211)



  • Resource timing information is not captured when applications are instrumented with the 4.5.8 and 4.5.9 JavaScript Agent and SPA is not set to true (BRUM-5122)



  • Remote services no longer display the business transaction information in the hover when clicking on the edge (APMPLAT-6143)
  • File “UnresolvedBackendCallInfoDao.jar” performs unsafe sort methods (APMPLAT-8298)


Machine Agent

  • SIM process metrics stops reporting after couple of hours particularly on Windows 2012 R2 in customer environment (SERVER-6256)



  • Timeseries chart widget in custom dash does not scale with large data sets (UIPLATF-6200)
  • Dashboard widget does not show Green Color since Controller Upgrade to 4.5.9 (UIPLATF-6824)
  • Major garbage collection icon shown for every data point on node -> memory tab (UIPLATF-6828)

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