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Feature Enhancements
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What are the highlights I should know about?

These release highlights will guide you through the newest features and capabilities. Notice in the grid below each feature enhancement identifies most interested or impacted users.



Feature Enhancement

User and



Admin and




Removal of Adobe Flash-Based Screens

Database Visibility

Generic Snapshot Correlation for PHP Applications

Client Program Names for Sessions



Custom Metric Validation Enhancement


Network Visibility

Support for 50 Application Agents in Multi-Tenant Installations


Partnerships and Integrations

Application Analytics and Java Support for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)


ServiceNow Integration Enhancements



Removal of Adobe Flash-Based Screens

Removal of Adobe flash-based screens continues to be a priority within the product. We are releasing ten converted screens (listed below) as part of v4.5.5 and expect to convert many more in the next few releases.  

  • MBean Browser
  • Automatic Leak Detection
  • Slow Transaction Thresholds
  • Call Graph Settings
  • Instrumentation - JMX
  • Object Instance Tracking
  • Custom Memory Structures
  • Analytics Config
  • JMX Metrics
  • Configure Instrumentation Dialog


Generic Snapshot Correlation for PHP Applications

With generic snapshot correlation, we’ll attempt to match and tag business transactions and snapshot identifiers to database visibility data to provide a better integration across your entire PHP application and relational database. Read the full documentation here.


Client Program Names for Sessions

Database visibility monitoring sessions are now tagged with a descriptive name, enabling you to see and track them in the monitored database instance.


Custom Metric Validation Enhancement

The results of your custom query metrics are validated, so that if the resulting value is a non-integer, a descriptive error message is displayed. Read the full documentation here.


Support for 50 Application Agents in Multi-Tenant Installations

In v4.5.4, we introduced Network Agent support for up to 50 Application containers running on the same node as that of the Network Agent. Building upon those performance improvements, the Network Agent (v4.5.6 of the agent) can now support up to 50 Application Agents running on the same server as that of the Network Agent, in a single tenant or multi-tenant environment.


Application Analytics and Java Support for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)

To separate the task of configuring application performance monitoring and analytics, we've introduced a third tile on the Pivotal Network specifically for application analytics. With this tile, you can deploy an Analytics Agent in the PCF environment to report transactional analytics to your Controller. Additionally, the Extension Buildpack now supports the Java Agent, allowing for advanced configuration and the masking of sensitive information. For details, visit the Application Performance Monitoring, Platform Monitoring, and Application Analytics for PCF Release Notes. You can also check out the latest blog post.


ServiceNow Integration Enhancements

We’re excited to introduce v3 of the AppDynamics and ServiceNow integration, which offers support for ServiceNow Operational Intelligence. Using the AppDynamics-ServiceNow Data Sync, metrics will flow directly from your AppDynamics Controller to your ServiceNow instances. Take advantage of ServiceNow features like anomaly detection and alerting for automated ITSM and ITOM workflows driven by deeper insights into your infrastructure and applications. For details on the integration, functionality, and metrics, check out our latest blog.


See What’s Coming! Join a BETA today

We’re currently running BETA programs and we’re looking for new participants:


Resolved Issues

As part of 4.5.5, we addressed multiple product issues in order to create an improved customer experience. Below is a list of key issues that were resolved:


Language Agents

  • Baseline of type None need 1 day data (APMPLAT-9250)
  • Number of nodes value is wrong in tiers and node dashboard (APMPLAT-9283)
  • Replace Correlation Analysis (APMPLAT-9529)
  • Not able to edit Thread Dump Collection Interval (APMPLAT-9652)
  • HTTP Backend calls from TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x are not getting detected (JAVA-4398)
  • ConcurrentModificationException thrown while resolving Transaction (JAVA-4625)
  • Not able to set socket-enabled flag from UI (JAVA-4612)
  • Exceptions in Agent logs with JDK11, Upgrade to ASM 7 (JAVA-4463)
  • Message itself removed from BT snapshot when Sensitive data filter on exception message rule defined instead filtering sensitive data when exception message have special quotes/characters (JAVA-4544)
  • Sitecore crashing with Access violation (DOTNET-2767)



  • Unix socket conflict for Controller when there is a stale /tmp/mysql.sock owned by non-appd user (ECONSOLE-3488)
  • Remove max limit and expiry of security provider cache (PLATCPS-9298)
  • Database health rules not evaluating with external user who has roles Account Owner(default) and Administrator (default) (PLATCPS-7723)
  • Optimize the canViewUser call (PLATCPS-8652)
  • DDMetricHierarchyBuilder::getADDForMetricNode needs to be optimized (METADATA-5306)



  • Error in UI while saving custom metric in Database monitoring -> custom metrics section, available/selected databases list for "these specific databases" is empty (DBMON-3969)
  • Compatibility between DB Agent pre-4.3.4 and controller post-4.5.2 is broken (DBMON-4217)



  • Infinite recursion bug on event listener instrumentation (MRUM-4072)
  • HTTP Status 500 Error Returned When Accessing the Browser App Dashboard (EUMUI-2031)


Application Analytics 

  • Analytics searches erroneously convert 'NOT' to '!' in filter names (ANALYTICS-9360)
  • HTTP Data Collectors v4.5.3 throw error and do not display data (ANALYTICS-9623)


Get Started

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Additional Resources

More on AppDynamics with Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, and PCF>>

If you are interested in learning more about what AppDynamics has to offer by way of cloud monitoring, check out our new Monitoring Cloud Applications documentation page. We think it’s a great resource— it’s a comprehensive guide on our cloud platform providers and how to keep track of changes in your infrastructure and components.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Need more assistance? Ask a question in the Latest Release forum.

AppDynamics Team

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