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How is .NET Agent licensing consumption calculated?

For .NET, licenses are counted per unique host. This means that 1 host = X number of apps = X number of nodes = 1 license. You can monitor any number of .NET applications on a single box or virtual machine, and only one license will be consumed.


You can check the number of .NET Agent licenses being used from within Controller UI by navigating to Settings Agents Machine Agents. The number of .NET unique hosts will let you know the total number .NET licenses being consumed.


To free up the license, you might have to recycle worker processes in the application pool and shutdown coordinator services. In that case, follow the steps to uninstall the .NET Agent outlined here.


In the case of Microservice Agents (including .NET), 1 host = X apps = X nodes = X licenses. It works the same as Java Agent license consumption.


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