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When restarting the Events Service or Analytic Agent, do I need to delete leftover process ID (PID) from the previous session, such as or, manually by the user?


In previous versions, users who needed to restart their Events Service or Analytic Agent were required to manually delete the ID for any stalled or leftover processes in case of abrupt/forced shutdown of the process.


Starting in version 4.3, when a PID does not get deleted due to a forced shutdown or restart, users will no longer have to manually delete it.


AppDynamics version 4.3 adds a -f flag to the start command which removes any leftover PID due to an abrupt or forced shutdown.


Linux example:


To start events-service using -f flag, use the below command

bin/ start -f -p conf/

To start analytic-agent using -f flag, use the below command
./ start -f


For more commands, use the help information found in ./ --help and ./ --help.

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‎09-07-2018 09:15 AM
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