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support end date for java agent ver 4.3.x



I would like to know when support ends for 4.3.x version of Java agents . Is there a release support timetable published somewhere  ? please provide me the URL if any .





AppDynamics Team

Hi Venkat,


I could not locate any such docs, we see 4.3.x is still available as of now in our download site, however as the agent is couple of years back around mid year of 2017 released we request users to upgrade agent on next scheduled restart , first try agent upgrade on couple of instance instead all at once and if agent upgrade on few instance went well try agent upgrade on other instances.


We have few customers using old agent version we still support debugging but if you face any functionality issue we encourage users to upgrade agent and check behaviour as many enhancements and fixes are in place in recent version.

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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Venkat.Parvathapu


The details on license and support are specified in the EULA.


It states:


AppDynamics provides Maintenance and Support for each version of the Software for a period of twelve (12) months after the generally available release of the next major version of the Software. A major release is a change in the first number to the right of the decimal point.


For example, if version 4.1 is released on January 1, 2015, then AppDynamics will provide
Maintenance and Support for version 4.0 until January 1, 2016. AppDynamics does not provide Maintenance or Support for any customized software (or components thereof).

Version 4.3 was released on 1 November 2017, so 4.3 goes out of support November this year.


Hope it answers your question.