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Java (Java Agent, Installation, JVM, and Controller Installation)

Parsing Remote Services URL's on Java Application


Parsing Remote Services URL's on Java Application

We're monitoring an application with a large variety of report web services. The remote services URL's come in a wide variety.

  • Some with only a couple segments some with 5 or 6 segments
  • Some with parameters Some without 

We'd like to drop the parameters, keep the first 3 segments if they exist and keep the  "/" 's


Is this possible ? What would be the best way to do this ?


Here is an example Parse the following URL's 

so they all show up in Appdynamics like



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Parsing Remote Services URL's on Java Application

Hi Bill


You can go into the Application, then from the Left hand Tab, select 

Configuration > Instrumentation > Backend Detection


If it's a Java application, select Java and then HTTP, and edit the HTTP Discovery section as below



Change the setting to use the first 3 segments


It will then create the following Remote Services from the sample you gave





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Thanks Ciao,


They are being discovered as web services but other than that it's essentially the configuration I've just started using. I'm restricting it to the first 2 segments because I can't find a way to drop the parameters and then use the first 3 segments. 


I noticed your using the merge parameter. Can you tell me what that does ? I couldn't find anything in the documentation.


Hi Bill


Maybe I am misunderstanding your requirement. My suggestion would give you the required outcome.


The URL's you provided, the parameters are at the end of the URL's after the "?", so not sure what you mean by drop the parameters and then use the first 3 segments? If you could provide screenshots or some more info about what you mean that would be great(Please remove any sensitive data)


Regarding your second question:)

Split delimiter = The character based on which the URL is divided into parts
Merge delimiter = The character which should be used to concatenate the different parts used based on the split to form the naming of backend.(this can be anything like &, -, % etc)



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Hi Ciao,


I've setup the default backend detection rule below. This is working for most of the web Service URL's 


Screenshot 2021-04-20 100359.png


For specific URL's where we need more segments The plan in to setup  a custom discovery rule. I was hoping to do this with one rule but that doesn't look possible. I think I'm good for now